3D Printing Ceramic Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.1% from 2022 to 2028

3D Printing Ceramic
  • 3D Printing Ceramic Market

The Global3D Printing Ceramic marketaccounted for 147.3 Million in 2021.

Ceramic 3D printers print “green” parts, unfinished clay parts that require post-print treatment, usually by firing them in a kiln. Creating ceramic or porcelain 3D prints is the same as with standard plastic 3D printing, requiring a 3D model like an STL file or G-code. 3D printing ceramic is commonly used to build solid objects. They are generally used by engineers, architects, designers, surgeons, and other experts to make a representative model for students and clients.

Ceramics are used widely in various applications including aerospace, biomedical, electronics, and automotive engineering due to their huge mechanical strength & good and hardness chemical & thermal stability. Higher costs and Long processing timings related to the techniques of ceramic forming are key factors restricting the usage of ceramic in these applications. However, growth in the manufacturing of ceramic additive allows easy fabrication of tough geometries and hence, escalates the demand for the product.

Rising ceramic demand in the healthcare sector will provide a profitable opportunity for the expansion of the ceramic 3d printing market. Ceramics are used mainly in the dental industry for applications related to dental restoration including bridges, veneers, and crowns. Evolution in ceramic materials like zirconia can be used as materials that can eliminate the porcelain chipping usage without losing materials' physical stability, thereby giving wider dental resonation applications.

With the growth of bioceramics, like, tricalcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite, the healthcare sector is inclined more to use 3D printing for making custom bone implants. To body cells, these implants are non-reactive, unlike the metal counterparts. Implants are resorbable by the human body and help fix the patient’s natural bone.

Europe is the largest market when it comes to supplying and manufacturing 3D printing ceramics. The region is home to several manufacturers that are participating actively in developmental activities, particularly in new product developments and expansions. With the European Commission funding in the ToMax project (Horizon 2020) to grow the 3D printing ceramics sector, the region is seeing huge growth in materials for 3D printing. Hence, the market players are launching new materials and expanding their production facilities in the market. Adaptec Europe and 3D Ceram are the leading players in 3D printing ceramics market in the region.

Some of the prominent players operating in the global3D Printing Ceramic market are - 3D CERAM (SINTO), ExONE GmbH, 3dresyns, Admatec Europe, Tethon 3D, Steinbach AG, 3D Systems Inc., Johnson Matthey, Aon Inni, Ceramtec GmbH, Zrapid Tech, Trunnano, International Syalons, Formlabs, and Kwambio Inc.