Vitamin-C Market –Growing Consumer Demand for Vitamin-C is Expected to Lead the Market Growth – Growing at a CAGR 6.1% from 2022 to 2028

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As stated in our extensive report; the Global Vitamin-C Market accounted forUSD 1.3 Billion in 2021.

The rising popularity of processed foods and beverages has raised the need for preservatives like Vitamin-C in the food and drink industry. Additionally, Vitamin-C is a crucial component of iron-fortified foods because it increases the body's ability to absorb iron. However, it is essential for the preservation of micronutrients. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has mandated that micronutrient meal fortification be used to better nourish the world's population.

In this article, we’re discussing the major influencers of the Vitamin-C Market growth.

Factors Influencing Global Vitamin-C Market Growth

The growth of the Global Vitamin-C Market can be attributable to the following:

  1. Growing consumer demand for Vitamin-C is a result of the vitamin's role in maintaining healthy skin and wound healing, which is a primary driver of the worldwide Vitamin-C Market's expansion.
  2. Additionally, the fact that Vitamin-C is a water-soluble ingredient that helps to maintain healthy skin cells, heals wounds, lowers the risk of diabetes and heart attacks, maintains normal blood pressure, and supports the immune system will help the Vitamin-C Market expand faster than expected throughout the forecast period.
  3. Another cause for the expansion of the target market is consumers' rising ubiquity of organic foods and nutritional supplements.
  4. The COVID-19 outbreak has had a favorable effect on the market for Vitamin-C. COVID-19 has raised awareness of the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as a physically fit and healthy physique.
  5. COVID-19 has had a good effect on the Vitamin-C business as a result of the substantial increase in the use of Vitamin-C products in foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.
  6. Additionally, several businesses invested in the Vitamin-C Market due to several chances in the upcoming years. Therefore, introducing cutting-edge goods and services is projected to further fuel market expansion.
  7. The market growth is also being fueled by rising developments and investments in the market globally. For instance, Cipla Health Ltd. introduced a new product called Maxirich C+ Zinc in June 2021 to satisfy consumer demand. The abundant supply of Vitamin-C in chewable form is Maxirich C+ Zinc.

North America Region Dominates the Global Market

North Americaholds the largest market share in the Vitamin-C Market and is anticipated to continue this trend in the coming years. Due to the abundance of production facilities, the affordability of raw materials, and the high demand from developed regions, the dominance is anticipated to remain. Therefore, throughout the forecast period, moderate growth is expected to be seen in North America and Europe.


As stated in our exclusive report, Vitamin-Cplaysa vital role in maintaining healthy skin and wound healing,loweringthe risk of diabetes and heart attacks,maintainingnormal blood pressure, andsupportingthe immune system. Thus, the pandemic has propelled the demand for Vitamin-C products across the globe, ultimately driving the growth of the overall Vitamin-C Market.

The well-known players of the Global Vitamin-C Market include Foodchem International Corporation (China), Mudanjiang High-Tech Biochemical Co. Ltd. (China), Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd (India), CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited (China), Glanbia PLC (Ireland), Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. (China), The TNN Development Limited (China), Microbelcaps (Belgium), Beijing Heronsbill Food Material Co. Ltd (China), Duchefa Biochemie (Netherland), Medibro Corporation Limited (China), Chemizo Enterprise (India), DSM (Netherlands), DuPont (US), ADM (US), Sanofi (France), Bayer AG (Germany), Abbott (US), GlaxoSmithKline PLC (UK), Merck & Co. Inc. (US) and others.