About Us

Derived from an Anglo-Norman French word 'avantage' (advantage); which means 'a position giving a strategic advantage, commanding perspective, and comprehensive view'. Vantage Market Research & Consultancy Services is all about providing accurate and reliable market intelligence to its clients for the seamless execution of their business growth strategies. In the age of flooding data, not being able to differentiate and zero down on the correct wave of information could be a big threat. This is where you need to stand at a position that gives you a strategic view of the entire market and then take decisions that best suit your business.

We, at Vantage Market Research, provide quantified B2B high-quality research on more than 20,000 emerging markets, in turn helping you map out a constellation of opportunities for your businesses. We, as market intelligence, market research and consulting firm provide end-to-end solutions to our client enterprises to meet their crucial business objectives. Our clientele base spans 70% of Global Fortune 500 companies.

Our dedicated team of experts ensures that our research data thoroughly meet your requirements. Thus, being a real North Star of your business journey! Our team specializes in industries such as Chemicals, Materials, Energy, Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Technology and many more.

We consider the data to be more than just numbers and put forth intensive research to deliver pertinent information that can develop into a tangible solution. We believe the journey isn't just yours but a collaborative effort. Our quest is to reach the heights by helping you reach yours!