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Derived from an Anglo-Norman French word 'avantage' (advantage); which means 'a position giving a strategic advantage, commanding perspective, and comprehensive view

Vantage Market Research & Consultancy Services is all about providing accurate and reliable market intelligence to its clients for the seamless execution of their business growth strategies. 

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In the age of flooding data, not being able to differentiate and zero down on the correct wave of information could be a big threat.

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VMR provides off-the-shelf market research reports on a variety of topics, including consumer goods, healthcare, technology, and many more.

VMR has a specialized consulting & advisory wing. This consulting & advisory wing provides clients like CIOs, IT, and other leaders with tools and expertise to support them through all phases of the growth cycle.

VMR conducts consumer surveys to understand customer sentiment, product/service perceptions, and overall brand health.

VMR has extensive experience in helping companies leverage data analytics to achieve their business goals.

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Vantage Market Research is the forerunner in tracking industry developments, based on which it provides sophisticated forecasts on the market. We analyse what is best for a client by mapping their research needs and provide the knowledge of the known and unknown areas of business impact.

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