Global Meal Kit Delivery Services Market

As stated in our extensive report, the Global Meal Kit Delivery Services Market accounted for USD 15.9 Billion in 2022 and is projected to reach a value of USD 51.2 Billion by 2030.

Meal Kit Delivery Services are a popular choice for time-pressed people and families because they eliminate the need for preparation and cooking time. A weekly or monthly subscription business known as a meal kit sends customers ingredients and recipes so they may make their fresh meals at home. Services that deliver cooked meals are referred to as meal delivery services. This market will likely maintain its immediate popularity during the forecast period. Most meal kit companies need users to sign up for the service. The weekly subscription includes a predetermined number of meals for a particular number of people. Customers’ preferences at the beginning of the subscription determine which goods will be included in their meals, whether they are vegetarian or not.

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Key Factors Influencing Global Meal Kit Delivery Services Market Growth

The growth of the global Meal Kit Delivery Services market can be attributable to the following:

  1. Increasing consumer demand for convenient and healthy meal solutions: Busy lifestyles and growing consumer awareness about healthy eating has led to a surge in demand for Meal Kit Delivery Services. These services provide pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, offering convenience and promoting healthier eating habits.
  2. Growing popularity among millennials & urban households: Meal Kit Delivery Services have gained significant traction among millennials and urban households, who often prioritize convenience and seek out unique food experiences. These demographic groups are more likely to use meal kit services as they offer a convenient and hassle-free way to cook at home without extensive meal planning and grocery shopping.
  3. Technological advancements in packaging and logistics: Innovations in packaging and logistics have played a crucial role in the growth of the Meal Kit Delivery Services market. Specialized packaging techniques and temperature-controlled delivery systems ensure that the ingredients remain fresh and safe during transportation, maintaining the quality of the meals.
  4. Increasing emphasis on sustainability: Many Meal Kit Delivery Services focus on sustainable practices to reduce food waste and environmental impact. By sourcing locally and using recyclable packaging materials, these services appeal to consumers who value sustainability and eco-friendly practices.
  5. Growing preference for personalized meal options: Meal Kit Delivery Services offer various meal options, catering to different dietary requirements and preferences. Some services even provide personalized meal plans based on individual needs or goals. This customization helps attract a diverse customer base and drives market growth.
  6. Rising adoption of e-commerce platforms: The rise of e-commerce has facilitated the growth of Meal Kit Delivery Services by providing a convenient channel for consumers to order and receive their meals. Online platforms offer a user-friendly interface and allow customers to browse different meal options, customize their orders, and schedule deliveries.

North America Region to Lead the Market

The North America Meal Kit Delivery Services market is experiencing significant growth. Busy lifestyles and an increasing desire for convenient and healthy meals have propelled the demand for Meal Kit Delivery Services. With a wide range of options available, consumers can choose from various meals tailored to their dietary preferences and restrictions. The market is highly competitive, with several major players vying for market share. As the market expands, it is expected to witness further innovation and customization in meal kit offerings.


The overall Meal Kit Delivery Services Market sales have been favorably impacted by the ease of use of these services, convenience & speed of preparation, less time commitment, and consideration of consumers’ food preferences.

The well-known players of the Global Meal Kit Delivery Services Market include Blue Apron LLC (U.S.), Freshly Inc. (U.S.), HelloFresh (Germany), Sun Basket (U.S.), Relish Labs LLC (U.S.), Gobble (U.S.), Marley Spoon Inc. (Germany) and others.