Surface Disinfectant Market is Estimated to Grow at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2022 to 2028

As stated in our extensive report; the Global Surface Disinfectant Market accounted for USD 2.6 Billion in the year 2021.

The rising prevalence of chronic illnesses, the increasing number of surgeries performed in healthcare facilities, the rise in the number of health clubs and gyms, the expanding global tourism industry, and the recent outbreak of infectious diseases are the main factors propelling the Global Surface Disinfectant Market. Also, the demand for the product has increased due to the strict regulatory standards for disinfection in commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors. Surface Disinfectant contains different chemical components that produce outstanding results when used according to instructions. They aid in stopping the spread and occurrence of numerous diseases. Furthermore, disinfectants and other water management chemicals are increasingly used as governments emphasize enhancing the quality of their water supplies. Additionally, growing economies and the introduction of novel disinfection products present enormous opportunities for players operating in this market.

Key factors influencing Surface Disinfectant Market Growth

The growth of the Global Surface Disinfectant Market can be attributable to the following:

1. Increasing the use of Surface Disinfectant to prevent infection, ensure healthcare professionals and worker protection, high-quality patient care, and maintain hygiene are essential factors fostering the market’s growth. Also, the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rising need for environmentally friendly Surface Disinfectants, rising healthcare costs, and the increasing number of hospital surgeries are other factors driving the market.

2. The rise in demand for a disinfectant for use in livestock farms is one reason for the growth, along with changes in lifestyle in developing economies and an increase in knowledge of animal diseases among livestock producers.

3. The recent COVID-19 outbreak increased demand for disinfectants in homes and healthcare facilities because of the high priority given to routinely sanitizing surfaces.

4. An increase in hospital-acquired infections has driven the need for Surface Disinfectants across the medical care industry. In response to the escalating demand from emergency clinics, sales are anticipated to rise quickly.

5. A rise in the need for cleaning supplies, sanitizers, and disinfectants is anticipated to boost market expansion.

6. The future development of the water treatment market will be significantly shaped by the growing emphasis on research and development (R&D) projects. Surface Disinfectants will be in high demand since water disinfection is the primary purification step in water treatment.

7. The market will find a favorable environment for growth due to the rising demand for fresh water and the growing awareness of the adverse effects of untreated water around the world.

However, the lack of awareness of end-users regarding the use of conventional disinfection procedures, the accessibility of substitute products & technologies, and the environmental & health risks connected with disinfectants may restrain the market’s expansion.

North America Region to Lead the Market

During the anticipated term, the North America Surface Disinfectant Market will grow at the fastest rate. Over the past several years, the market expansion in North America has been driven by constantly changing regulations, awareness of health & hygiene, healthcare spending, and increased R&D activity among Surface Disinfectant formulators, raw material manufacturers, and end-users. Moreover, infection control procedures are becoming more popular to reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired infections, and the usage of sophisticated Surface Disinfectants for sanitization is rising. These factors are also contributing to the expansion of this region.


The entire Surface Disinfectant Market has been impacted by the increasing expansion in hospitals, surgical centers, and other institutions that utilize surface cleaning agents to stop the transmission of coronaviruses.

Some of the key players in the Global Surface Disinfectant Market include- PDI Inc. (US), GOJO Industries Inc. (US), W.M. Barr & Co. Inc. (US), Spartan Chemical Company Inc. (US), W.W. Grainger Inc. (US), CareNow Medical Pvt. Ltd., Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC (UK), PaxChem Ltd. (India), BODE Chemie GmbH (Germany), Star Brands Ltd. (UK), The 3M Company (US), Ecolab (US), Procter & Gamble (US), The Clorox Company (US), Whiteley Corp. (Australia), Lonza Group AG (Switzerland), SC Johnson Professional (US), BASF SE (Germany), Evonik Industries AG (Germany), Kimberley-Clark Corp. (US), Medline Industries Inc. (US) and others.