Global Healthcare Staffing Market

As stated in our extensive report; the Global Healthcare Staffing Market accounted for USD 34.9 Billion in the year 2021.

Increased awareness of the advantages of temporary employment, employment-related incentives, and the accessibility of possibilities across the nation are some factors that propel market expansion. Technology is one of the main forces behind the present surge in healthcare jobs. The requirement for a competent labor force to manage these devices’ technical and non-technical components has increased due to developments in medical devices like medical informatics and telemedicine.

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Key factors influencing Healthcare Staffing Market Growth

The growth of the global Healthcare Staffing market can be attributable to the following:

  1. The advantages of working as a per diem nurse, travel nurse, or locum tenens are one of the key elements driving the business. In addition to having a strong desire to help others, doctors and nurses place great value on having flexible work schedules.
  2. Medical professionals can decide when they are available for work or prepared to accept new tasks thanks to temporary staffing options. The number of people selecting allied healthcare, per diem, travel nursing, or locum tenens as a career is anticipated to rise as working hours are made more flexible, and people are exposed to more healthcare systems across the globe.
  3. The number of acute care facilities, long-term care facilities, government and non-government hospitals, and other healthcare institutions is anticipated to expand significantly, significantly accelerating market growth.
  4. The number of hospitals is rising as a result of expanding public health funding and enhancing the healthcare infrastructure. The ability to act as patients’ major advocates by starting health plans to facilitate better care is anticipated to be granted by new laws to related personnel, particularly nurses. These regulations uphold and advance people’s rights to make well-informed healthcare decisions.
  5. Most long-term care facilities had their operations restricted as a result of the significant increase in COVID-19 infections. There was a decrease in demand for locum tenens specialists and allied health professionals due to the cancellation of elective treatments.
  6. Additionally, there was a decreased need for nurses at care facilities. Demand for workforce technology solutions and travel nurse staffing services significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for travel and per diem nurses has increased due to the rise in COVID-19 infections.
  7. Since hospitals and long-term care facilities would need more employees for upcoming elective treatment operations and specialized nursing care, the demand for Healthcare Staffing following the COVID-19 pandemic is anticipated to increase.
  8. Due to the increased demand for in-home nursing services, there will also be a greater need for travel and per diem nurses. In addition, the COVID-19 epidemic has increased alternatives, expanding the potential for temporary staffing.
  9. An increase in the retirement rate of medical personnel due to the COVID-19 load is also driving the demand for staffing services.

North America Region to Lead the Market

North America Healthcare Staffing market is getting more significant with maximum market share during the forecast period. The highest proportion held by this region is mostly due to the local presence of significant market participants, an increase in the geriatric population, and an increase in the demand for medical staff by hospitals due to financial difficulties connected with recruiting permanent employees.

In addition, due to an increase in the need for contract workers in the area, Asia Pacific is anticipated to experience the highest CAGR throughout the projected period. Contract hire does not come with the obligations associated with permanent employment may be a contributing factor in the growing demand. Additionally, the hiring process is quicker, and a larger pool of candidates is available to recruiters.


Increased awareness of the advantages of temporary employment, employment-related incentives, and the accessibility of possibilities across the nation positively influence the overall Healthcare Staffing market.

Some of the key players in the Global Healthcare Staffing Market include- Almost Family (U.S.), Adecco Group (Switzerland), CHG Management Inc. (U.S.), AMN Healthcare (U.S.), Cross Country Healthcare Inc. (U.S.), Envision Healthcare Corporation (U.S.) and others.