Global Sodium Chlorate Market

As stated in our extensive report; the Global Sodium Chlorate Market accounted for USD 2.9 Billion in the year 2021.

The Sodium Chlorate market size is anticipated to experience substantial growth in the future because of its increasing utility in creating bleaching agents. Consumer preference for premium tissue, packaging, and craft paper has increased due to the significant expansion in the packaging industry. Additionally, as chlorine dioxide, a bleach used in creating high-quality and environmentally friendly paper products, becomes more widely produced, Sodium Chlorate in paper and pulp applications will significantly increase. A hygroscopic inorganic substance called Sodium Chlorate is used to make oxidizing agents, herbicides, defoliants, dyes, explosives, matches, cosmetics, inks, pharmaceuticals, and leather. Due to its oxidation capabilities, Sodium Chlorate is frequently used in tanning and leather finishing processes. Herbicides, vanadium mining, metal treatment, pharmaceuticals, and other essential uses of the substance are also included. Additionally, it is used to produce explosives and to add color to pyrotechnics.

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Key factors influencing Sodium Chlorate Market Growth

The growth of the global Sodium Chlorate market can be attributable to the following:

  1. The superior oxidizing capabilities of Sodium Chlorate, which are used more frequently for processes like tanning and finishing leather and the production of dyes, are significantly responsible for the market’s expansion.
  2. Another factor anticipated to fuel market growth in the following years is the product’s extensive use in the paper and pulp industry as a bleaching agent for the on-site production of chlorine dioxide.
  3. It is anticipated that increased product sales would result from the increasing usage of Sodium Chlorate for vegetation management on fence ways and roadside in the future.
  4. The market sector is expected to grow more rapidly In the upcoming years due to the expanding use of Sodium Chlorate crystals in manufacturing explosives and mining operations.
  5. The market for Sodium Chlorate is further boosted by the widespread usage of tissue paper, such as facial wipes, baby wipes, and toilet tissues, in restaurants, workplaces, and homes.

On the other hand, the strict laws governing the use of Sodium Chlorate in some nations may, in the future, restrain the expansion of the Sodium Chlorate market.

Asia Pacific Region to Capture the Market

Due to the substantial pulp and paper industry, the Asia Pacific now holds the largest share of the worldwide Sodium Chlorate market and is predicted to maintain its dominance over the coming years. Sodium Chlorate is also mostly purchased in China. China has a sizable market for using Sodium Chlorate in specialized applications, such as firecrackers and pulp and paper. Additionally, the automotive industry has made substantial progress, mainly in industrialized countries, due to the burgeoning need for better engine designs and the introduction of cutting-edge technologies.


The rising usage of Sodium Chlorate in the tanning and finishing of leather, the production of dyes, and the strong use of the product in the paper and pulp industries favorably impact the overall Sodium Chlorate market sales.

Some of the key players in the Global Sodium Chlorate Market include- GFS Chemicals (US), ALDON Corporation (US), Spectrum Chemicals (India), Mil-Spec Industries (US), H. K. Group (India), A. B. Enterprises (India), Shree Chlorates (India) and others.