KDP and Isomorphs Crystals and their Applications in Laser Industry

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The crystallography study states that the isomorph crystals are two different substances having nearly similar crystal structures. These isomorphs are known for having the same chemical properties but different crystal sizes.

Thepotassium dihydrogen phosphate kh2po4or KDP and DKPH are the isomorphs. The KDP is a translucent dielectric material. The DKDP is more popular as compared to KDP owing to the replacement of hydrogen by deuterium which leads to lowering of O-H vibrations. The DKDP crystal making process is done by the water solution method which makes it more costly as compared to KDP.

These crystals are having dielectric potential. The crystals have applications in the laser industry due to their non-linear optical property. They are also, widely used in various laser systems for optoelectrical switching and harmonic generation. The KDP is a second, third, and fourth generator for non-linear optics. The growth of the laser industry is estimated to bolster the demand for the KDP and isomorphs crystals in the coming years.

KDP And Isomorphs Crystals Market Dynamics

The globalKDP and isomorphs crystals market is broadly classified based on the type and verticals and application. The type segment is further bifurcated intoKDP crystal and isomorph crystal. Also, based on application is classified as the Nd: Yag, Nd: Elf, AndCryst. The market based on vertical can be categorized as buyers, suppliers, investors, and end-user industry.

The leading market players offering the KDP and isomorphs crystals Are Castech Inc, Red Optronics, Crystrong Optoelectronic, Hangzhou Shalom Eo, Inrad Optics Inc., Hg Optronics, Precision Micro-Optics, Eksma Optics, And Gandhi. The market players have faced several challenges due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The disruptions in the supply and distribution network had significantly hampered the market growth.

Regionally, theKDP and isomorphs crystalsmarket is divided among geographies such as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific region, and the Middle East and Africa region.