Customer FAQ

Customer FAQ’s

How do I purchase reports from Vantage Market Research?

To begin with search for a relevant keyword of the required market. Our search engine is designed in a way to generate all relevant results are displayed in one go. When the relevant results appear on the screen, click on the title to view the detailed information about the product that includes a descriptive summary and table of content. Purchasing on ordering the report online from the website is quite simple. Click on the ‘Buy Now’ option and select the copy (‘Single-user’/’Multi-user’/’Enterprise-user’) you prefer for. Simply follow the steps visible on the screen or call the number provided on our website for further assistance. You can also discuss with one of our industry-specific research specialists in case of any concerns. They can help you find the best suitable report meeting your requirement and help you answer any questions regarding your research. For any other please reach out to the domain expert who are happy to assist you round the clock.

What types of payment modes are accepted?

We support the following payment options:

  • Online payment through
    • Visa Card
    • Master Card
    • American Express
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • PayPal

What is the difference between single-user, multi-user, and enterprise license?

Detailed description of each type is provided below:

  • The purchase of a 'Single-User License' grants access to a specific report for one person only and cannot be shared with any other employee within the same company.
  • The purchase of a 'Multi-User License’ grants access to a specific report for two to five users only within the same department and within the same company.
  • The purchase of an 'Enterprise License’ grants access to a specific report to a company-wide audience. This includes subsidiary companies or other companies within a group of companies.

What is the policy on the payments made?

The report consists of an in-depth analysis on the market. Since we transfer the knowledge and offer you a detailed understanding of the market, thus payment once made is non-refundable. Nevertheless, we provide 24/7 customer support and address any queries you have on the report.

How do I get the receipt for my purchases?

Once you complete the payment process, an invoice is immediately sent to you via email.

Can I modify the scope of a report and customize it to suit my requirements? If yes, then how?

At Vantage Market Reports, we strive to ensure that clients are completely satisfied with their purchase, along with maximum value for the money they spend. With this in mind, we offer clients the opportunity to modify or add to the scope of a present report to make sure that their requirements are fulfilled. This addition or modification is allowed to the extent of 10% of the report cost.

Can I purchase individual sections of the report? If yes, then how?

Yes, you can purchase individual sections of the report. Please get in touch with our sales representative with this request, and they will help you in this regard.